Danish locuções

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Danish is a beautiful, rich language that can bring a heavy dose of Scandinavian identity to your projects. If you want a Danish voice over done right, then you're in the right place.

Danish locução info

While Danish is not a language that is extremely well-known outside of Scandinavia, it has a very big influence in the area. It's a North Germanic language that can trace its roots back to old Norse, reaching back throughout the millennia. Today, Denmark is a beacon of development, refinement, and progressive social values. These qualities, as well as those of its long history, can be felt in the many nuances of a Danish voice over.

Origin / History of Danish locuções

The Danish language has very, very deep roots that go as far back as the Germanic peoples, who lived during the Viking age. Around the 8th century, Proto-Norse, the common language of Scandinavia, had evolved into a form now classified as Old Norse. Then, it was further subdivided into two major dialect areas: Old West Norse (Norway and Iceland), and Old East Norse (cousins Denmark and Sweden). Many of the innovations that caused this split actually began in Denmark and spread through the rest of the area over time. Danish expasion was in full force during the early 1100s, and Old East Norse was once spoken widely in the northern regions of England. Over time, Danish and Swedish started diverging from each other and becoming full languages in their own right. By the early 17th century (after the translation of the Bible), grammarians had established a grammar system for Danish. At one point, Denmark had a heavy German influence, and the political and cultural pushback led to a strengthening of the Danish language. Over time, a standard was developed, which is spoken widely throughout the country.

Countries that speak Danish

Danish is spoken widely throughout Denmark, by its 5.8 million inhabitants, and Greeland, whare about 15-20% of inhabitants speak fluent Danish. There are also signficant Danish communities in other countries, like Norway, Sweden, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. In total, around 6 million people around the world speak Danish.

Danish accent locuções

Danish used to have traditional dialects (Insular Danish, Jutlandic, and Bornhormlsk), they are dying out and only remain in use by the oldest generations. Standard Danish is spoken unanimously across the land, with only small regional variations. It is a country with a very homogenous national speech norm.

Voice characteristics of the Danish language

Since Danish is prone to many syllables, or entire words, without vowel sounds, it can sometimes seemed as if it's closed, or guttural. Its rythimc (prosodic) patterns also make it hard to discern sentence structure. This is especially noticeable during informal speech, which can seem rapid-fire and hard to follow by non-natives.

When to use a Danish locução?

A Danish voice over is ideal if you want to reach the populations of Denmark and Greenland, or if you want to target or portray this part of Scandinavian culture.

Danish locuções summary

Although the Vikings once struck fear into the hearts of those who saw them approaching, there’s no need to be afraid of the Danes today. Their success comes from shrewd business dealings rather than pillage. A Danish voice over will give you that added edge you need when communicating with this sophisticated audience. Many Danes speak English, but we all know that everyone’s favorite language is the one they first learned. No-one speaks your language like a local, no matter how hard they try, and the same is true of Danish. Since we have a massive pool of international voice actors, you won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve got an excellent selection of Danish voice over professionals who can do your talking for you. Simply choose the voice that you think is appropriate to your message and the job is as good as done! Now you can celebrate: Skål! (Cheers!)