Romanian locuções

Find the perfect Romanian voice for your locução project.

The sound of the Romanian language brings to mind magical romance and maybe some dark nuances. It's important to use an authentic Romanian voice over to capture all of the nuances of the language and appeal to Romanian speakers while also entrancing anyone else who hears this captivating language.

Romanian locução info

Romanian is a seductive, mysterous language full of rich history and entrancing sounds. Because of Romania's location, the language has developed as a Romance language with hints of Slavic tones, making it a captivating language to hear. When you combine this language with a talented Romanian voice over actor, your audience will be thrilled to listen.

Origin / History of Romanian locuções

The Romanian language has a background as rich as the sounds of the language. It developed as a Romance language but took on unique sounds as Romania is a country isolated from other Romance language speaking countries. Interestingly, it is the only Eastern European country where a Romance language prevailed. Romania is surrounded by Slavic speaking countries, like Hungary and Albania so the sound of the language has unique characterisitcs. This language is 1,700 years old as it began when the Romans conquered the area of Dacia which would become Romania. Full of rich history and cutlure, Romanian is a beautiful and unique Romance language.

Countries that speak Romanian

Romanian is the official language of Romania, which has a population of a little over 19 million people. It is also spoken in Moldova and a total of around 26 million around the world speak Romanian.

Romanian accent locuções

Most people in Romania speak the standard language, but there are some subtle dialects throughout the country. Daco-Romanian is the standard dialect; there are three other dialects and the main differences are some pronunciation, grammatical, and syntactical characteristics. Mostlty the groups are divided throughout the north and the south, but this line is becoming blurred due to more mobility and communication.

Voice characteristics of the Romanian language

Because of the unique history of the Romanian language, it has some distinctive characteristics which make it the beautiful and mysterious language that it is. It has similarities to Italian, but also Polish and other Slavic languages. Often considered to be beautiful and misunderstood at the same time, the sound of the language and voice characteristics depict this as well.

Special pronunciation for Romanian locuções

Romania uses the Roman alphabet, however it has some additional letters that the other Romance language do not have. This makes for some unique sounds such as the ones from this sentence 'Toate ființele umane se nasc libere și egale în demnitate și în drepturi.' Another example is that 'j' often gets the 'zh' sound. It is a very phonetic language but often spoken quickly.

When to use a Romanian locução?

A Romanian voice over will complement any work that is geared towares Romanian speakers. The key is to use a credible, authentic voice to convey the true beauty of the language.

Romanian locuções summary

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